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We do not charge to “take a look at it” or for you to “call or stop in with a quick question, comment or clarification”. No appointment is necessary. 

Computer diagnostics/Bench Fee is waived when we repair your laptop or computer. Generally there isn’t any bench fees in our shop. However, if I need to tear down your equipment to diagnose a fleeting issue and do in depth testing or checking there will be a nominal fee of $35. Most of the cheap laptops and computers are more difficult to “tear down” than the higher end devices. But, that doesn’t mean you throw that cheap device away, allow me to check it out first as there are a few “cheaper” devices that are excellent candidates for upgrading.

Software or hardware install: $35 Generally this price doesn’t change, unless we’re installing a motherboard or Quickbooks and have to chase down the product key.

Back up your data: (no limit), pictures, email, etc.. $25-$295 includes back up drive.

Spyware/Virus Removal: Including Anti-virus software and other software $25-$215 depending on level of infections.

Windows Reloaded: $45-$350 depending on operating system, number of profiles and volume of  data. Includes backing up and restoring your data, installing anti-virus, anti-spyware, email setup and  your other software re-installed, includes new hard drive.

Lost Data Recovery: From computer hard drive, camera memory stick, usb stick, etc… $55 & up. If data cannot be recovered, there is a minimum labor charge of $30.

These prices are subject to change without notice. There’s a huge interruption in the supply chain for computer parts and labor. Coronavirus and covid-19 are to blame. May we all live long and prosper in these trying economic and societal times. Be well, be strong, behave.

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