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Losing personal or financial data can be a very costly occurrence. If this happens to you, don’t worry….I’m here for you. In most cases I can retrieve your lost data completely and quickly. Call today and get it done right ~ the first time. Here is a partial list of our recovery services:

  •   Hard Drive Recovery
  •   Laptop Recovery
  •   Desktop Recovery
  •   Server Recovery
  •   RAID Recovery
  •   Database Recovery
  •   VMware® Recovery
  •   Operating System Recovery
  •   Tape Recovery
  •   Email Recovery
  •   File Recovery
  •   Digital Photo Recovery
  •   Mobile Device Recovery
  •   Encrypted Data Recovery
  •   Apple Recovery Services
    Data recovery cannot be guaranteed and is not promised or guaranteed to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
    Some data is unrecoverable and cannot be recovered.
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