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Computer networks for the home and small business can be built using either wired or wireless technology. Wired Ethernet has been the traditional choice in homes, but Wi-Fi wireless technologies are gaining ground fast. Both wired and wireless can claim advantages over the other; both represent viable options for home and other local area networks (LANs).

We setup/repair new and existing wired and wireless networks. When we are finished, noone will be able to get onto your network unless you authorize them. If you have questions, call Mike @

Today May 17, 2020 I just finished upgrading two Law Firms networks. They were using 10/100 devices throughout the network. I replaced everything with D-Link devices: one gigabit router by D-Link and one 24 port gigabit switch by D-link. They had good broadband into the building but things were slow and sporatic. After this upgrade, shoot…smokin’ fast. Internet download speed tests increased 200%. Quickbooks company files were accessed quicker also…as they were on another pc being shared. I have to say this was a pure breeze of an upgrade. If you have 10/100 equipment, give me a call and we can get your network moving lightning fast like it should be! 334.596.3250

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