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The Blue Screen of Death (also known as BSoD or bluescreen), known officially as a Stop Error or a bug check, is the error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems upon encountering a critical error, of a non-recoverable nature, that causes the system to “crash.” The term is named after the color of the screen generated by the error. In UNIX-based operating systems, a similar term is kernel panic.

Stop errors are usually hardware or driver related, causing the computer to stop responding in order to prevent damage to the hardware, whereupon, in the latest versions of Windows, the screen presents information for diagnostic purposes and was collected as the operating system performed a bug check.

If you experience the blue screen, restart your computer. If the blue screen persists, bring it to before you lose all of your pictures, email and documents. If you wait too long you may lose everything on the hard drive. What to do? Avoid catastrophe, call Mike at 334.596.3250.

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