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A computer virus can cause you to lose time, money, information and sometimes even your identity! If you suspect you have a virus, bring your system in immediately to keep your losses to a minimum. We are very experienced in spyware, malware and virus removal.

Symptoms that may indicate you have a virus:

  • Your computer stops responding when you try to use Microsoft Office products
  • You cannot start Windows Task Manager
  • Antivirus software indicates a virus is present
  • There is a double extension on an attachment that you recently opened, such as .jpg.vbs or .gif.exe
  • An antivirus program is disabled for no reason and it cannot be restarted
  • An antivirus program cannot be installed on the computer or it will not run
  • Strange dialog boxes or message boxes appear on screen
  • Someone tells you that they have recently received e-mail messages from you containing attached files (especially with .exe, .bat, .scr , .vbs extensions), which you did not send
  • New icons appear on the Desktop that you did not place there
  • Strange sounds or music plays from the speakers unexpectedly
  • A program disappears from the computer, and it was not intentionally uninstalled
  • Windows will not start at all
  • Windows will not start because certain critical system files are missing
  • There is a lot of modem activity

Types of Viruses:

  • Resident Viruses
  • Direct Action Viruses
  • Overwrite Viruses
  • Boot Virus
  • Macro Virus
  • Directory Virus
  • Polymorphic Virus
  • File Infectors
  • Companion Viruses
  • FAT Virus
  • Worms
  • Trojans or Trojan Horses
  • Logic Bombs
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