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There are a lot of computer repair shops in Dothan, Alabama. Some are good, some are okay, some are scary. Some work from their home, some work from their car, some have a legitimate business location and are licensed. Most of them are not certified by Microsoft or any other legitimate organization. There have been quite a few “computer techs” come and go who had to “leave town” because they got in over their heads. They confused “repairing peoples personal computers with “I know how to reformat”. Unfortunately, this leaves customers with data loss, feeling used, cheated and ultimately not trusting any computer repair shop in Dothan, Alabama. We have earned the trust of countless customers in the Wiregrass area and we aim to earn yours when you walk into our shop.

Personally, I believe working on your computer is serious business, not to be taken lightly. Your data is my number one priority! Keeping your data safe is our first step when we work on your laptops or desktops.

We advise everyone to use a usb hard drive to back up everything that is important to you. If your desktop or laptop is stolen, burned in a fire, falls into the ocean or simply quits working, you’ll be very glad you have that usb hard drive with your stuff on it. We recommend backing up your data weekly and daily for business applications like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Time Matters, Quicken, Amicus and the like.

Antivirus is of utmost importance these days. With the attacks on Windows, MacIntosh and handheld devices growing daily, we strive to install the “best” latest available Antivirus software. Fifteen years ago the best usually meant Norton, today it is Avast. Tomorrow, who knows what it will be, as software is changing as quickly as the internet is. When we introduce you to a “new” Antivirus software, we will gladly demonstrate it and show you how to use it. The same goes for the Anti Spyware software we install.

Our turn around time is still 24 to 48 hours. A lot of times we provide “same day” service, it just depends on what needs to be accomplished. If we run into a problem we will call you right away. If we think your device should be replaced, we are the first to let you know. Earning money is great. But having you as a long time customer is even greater!

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