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Windows 11

Do you want it? Do you need it? Should you download the “free upgrade”? Will you miss out on anything if you do not upgrade?
No you will not.
Upgrades usually break things. Things like Quickbooks or that special software you like to use or it may lose your pictures and other important data. There’s no guarantee from Microsoft if you decide to use their “free upgrade”.
Also, Windows 11 isn’t offering anything “new” that you cannot already do with Windows 10.
Some computers will not meet the minimum requirements to install Windows 11. You can run their compatibility check from their page.
If you decide to get the “free upgrade” of Windows 11, be certain your data is backed up to a safe place. Meanwhile we will wait a little while for the bugs to be worked out before we utilize Windows 11. Happy Computing! Mike McArdle

Cybercrime is on the rise during pandemic in Alabama

so…please do not answer unsolicited calls about your bank account, credit cards, date of birth or other personal info. If you’re not expecting a call from your bank then do not believe they are calling you. The same goes for “tech support calls”. If it sounds fishy then it’s probably a scam. If you have a question call someone local: police department or local computer tech, like Mike and Jan at We answer questions every day to help you stay safe.
State securities officials say cybercrime including email attacks are on the rise during the pandemic.
A statement from the Alabama Securities Commission says social engineering attacks have been increasing with more people working at home and children using virtual learning because of the coronavirus outbreak.
Commission Director Joe Borg says information is more accessible than ever, leading to potential problems.
The agency says “phishing” attacks are a particular threat and play on our elderly when they’re lonely and more vulnerable because of the pandemic.
That’s when scammers mimic a legitimate source (bank, IRS, Microsoft, police dept. etc.) in an attempt to access personal information, often by email, phone calls, text messaging or a pop-up window on your computer. Your “delete” button is your friend. Be safe, be smart, be aware. Happy Computing from

Protect yourself from tech support scams

There’s a particular type of online scam that uses malware to lure you into contacting fake tech support. They pretend to be Microsoft support and claim there are problems with your PC, such as malware or licensing issues, system errors, or displaying fake blue screens. They then try to get you to pay for services or software to fix the problems. They may also try to get access to your PC by getting you to install remote management apps.

You may have a support scam malware threat on your PC if:
You can’t use your PC normally, and you see a message that tells you to contact a tech support number.
You can’t use your web browser properly, and you see a page informing you to contact a tech support number.

When you receive a phone call or see a pop-up window on your PC and feel uncertain whether it is from someone at Microsoft, do not use those phone numbers. Instead, contact Mike at 334-596-3250. Microsoft does not send unsolicited email messages or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information or fix your computer.
You can also contact your local government scam reporting department. In the United States, use the FTC Complaint Assistant form.

If you’ve already engaged with the scam:
Call your credit card provider to try reversing the charges.
Call Mike and Jan at your local computer repair shop ( 334-596-3250 clean the system and secure your computer.

Cheers to All and Happy Computing.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Coronavirus

By DothanPC
Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

We are cleaning and disinfecting before and after each customer who enters our computer repair shop. Also, your laptops and computers are disinfected upon being checked in and again when they are returned to you. In addition we are physical distancing while we socialize and take care of business. Thank you for your continued support and Happy Computing!

Remote Tech Support

By DothanPC
Monday, March 16th, 2020

Our computer repair shop is open normal business hours and we now offer remote tech support for some of your computer needs. The Coronavirus that leads to Covid-19 has taken over the world and consequently we have added remote tech support services as an option to repair your computers. If you need help and cannot come to our computer repair shop, call us and we will guide you to a secure remote connection with Mike at

Remote hours vary and sometimes there may be a wait time. Thank you for your business and your patience.

Keep Magnets Away

By DothanPC
Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Keep your computers, laptops and phones away from magnets, even the weak refrigerator kinds. Your hard drive is incredibly sensitive to magnetic fields of any strength.

Laptop Screen Cleaning

By DothanPC
Saturday, February 29th, 2020

When cleaning your tablet, laptop or monitor screen use a good quality lens cleaner. It will do the job and can kill germs too. Be sure to wash your hands immediately after using a lens cleaner and follow the directions given on the bottle. Using Windex and other household cleaners will eat your screens and degrade their quality, making them ugly, flat and more difficult to clean. This goes for T.V. screens and your phone screen. We use the Zeiss brand of lens cleaner on all of our customers’ screens giving them a new looking screen again. Happy Computing

Testing USB thumb drives

By DothanPC
Friday, October 26th, 2018

First up is one of my favorites, the Lexar 3.0 Orange/white 32g.b. drive.
Secondly, is the Sandisk 3.0 Black/red 32 g.b. drive.
Both drives use the push forward type extension, in order to insert it into a usb slot.

For testing the speed I used a folder with 24 different executable files. It is just a assortment of stuff that I like to use in diagnosing and repairing laptops and pc’s. Before beginning the tests, I formatted each drive using windows explorer. I could clearly see the winner by this simple process. But I wanted to get real numbers, specifically how long it takes to drop 24 different executable files onto the drive.

The results are:
Lexar speed result is 08:24 seconds.
Sandisk speed result is 17:63 seconds.

Lexar is more difficult to find. Especially ones with the push forward type extension.
The failure rate is another aspect of determining which drive is better. I have found through servicing customers issues that it’s the Sandisk which is more problematic and has the higher failure rate. This could also be due to there are more Sandisks purchased than Lexar and I am seeing more of them and less Lexars. To be fair, I have not seen a Lexar fail. I know they do, because eventually in time all failure rates go up in percentages.
The bottom line in all of this is cost and speed. I paid $11 for the Sandisk, and $17 for the Lexar.

The Lexar is 47% faster than the Sandisk.
The Lexar is 36% costlier than the Sandisk.For personal use I would purchase the Lexar. For everything else I would purchase the Sandisk.

Next time I find the Lexar thumb drives, I will stock up.

Hurricane Laura

If you’re experiencing a hurricane, be sure to shut down your devices, unplug them until the storm has passed and your home or business is safe. This will help you avoid power surges and lightning strikes to your laptop, computer, tablet and other devices. Electricity and water are both hazardous and destructive to your internet devices. Remember to unplug your modems, routers and televisions. Also unplug your cat5 and phone cables. Happy computing! Be safe, be well, behave.

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